Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Last to know...

Little sparrow, what are you looking for?  
What did you spot midst rocks and grass?
It appears you employed friends to help find it...
Or are they just curious...looking for something to do?
You are all so busy looking...it must be important.

You do not even notice a doe antelope and her two fawns
Poking around nearby...nosing green vegetation where little remains.
The fawns are big enough now that they are being taught to watch,
To stay near mama, to run when given the signal.

Perhaps you two, sparrow and antelope, have already spoken, 
And I'm the last to know that you are already aware of each other's presence,
And you are happily enjoying it.


  1. Nice! We had a Stellar's Jay out back this morning who was telling us something important, but we failed to figure out what is was, so he flew away.