Monday, August 5, 2013

On a roll...knitting Victorian Beaded Cuffs

1896 Beaded Cuffs to Knit by Carol Huebscher Rhoades,  Piecework July/Aug 2013
I'm on a roll, alright...I've got 3 projects on needles...and for me that's more than usual.  I'm on a mission to finish these beaded cuffs ASAP and get them in the display case at CWC to advertise a class this fall that I will be offering. 

The pattern calls for stringing 418 beads on to the yarn for the first cuff or wristlet.  I thought it would take forever, but it didn't...only about 30 min.  In fact the beads went on very quickly and move across this sock yarn (Wildfoote in Master Grey) so smoothly.   

These beaded cuffs are knit flat (I decided to go up to size 1 needles), and then the edges will be joined with the Kitchener stitch, picking up stitches along the (left) cast-on edge to create live stitches on both ends.  I've just completed the top half of the piece and have started repeating the pattern for the under-side.  Another fun knit!


  1. Very nice - can't wait to see them in person.

  2. I am usually so monogamous with my knitting toO!! now you have me wanting to do beadwork..a little.

    I have 2 pairs of socks on the needles at once. THat's a lot for me!
    I have sockitis I think. No desire to knit anything else...!!!

  3. You definitely are on a roll and having way too much fun! Love the beads. How did you finally decide to string them? And the third project is.....?