Friday, August 2, 2013

Fair Isle Knitting

This Fall I may have the opportunity to teach a class on knitting a neck cowl using a Fair Isle design.  The fun part is trying out two-handed knitting, using two colors.  To prepare, I wanted to knit up a sample.  I'm just past the halfway mark and am finding this is a pretty fast knit, using worsted weight yarn and size 10 circular needles.  Choosing the color way is a fun part of the project.  The main color for this cowl is some left over yarn from another project, and it varies slightly in color from creams tans to slate.  I picked the contrast color, hoping it would be a nice combo.  I think a main color that did not have variation would be better, but this is OK.  It has a nice Norwegian look.

It's 90 degrees outside, and I'M KNITTING WITH WOOL?   What's wrong with this picture?  Quick, where did I lay down my my summer sock project?


  1. It's more than OKAY! It is gorgeous!

    Eh, I knit with wool all year round. If your hands get to sticky, just rub them with some baby powder. It lets you keep on knitting! ;-)

  2. Yes, it is beautiful and the colors work well together. Amazing how the green or teal makes the other yarn "pop."

  3. Im even happier you did it in worsted....that's a quicker knit !!

  4. Very nice! Do you have a trick to keep your carried over yarn from getting too tight?