Friday, August 23, 2013

Moving on so soon?

Since I started feeding birds this summer, I noticed that in July and early August, I had lots of birds at the feeder at most any time of the day.  I was buying bird seed like crazy! 

And then, just a few days ago, it appeared that they all left the country.  The bird feeder has had no birds vying for their spot to peck at the seeds.  I spotted a couple of birds yesterday, but they didn't stop by for even a quick snack.  I noticed they looked rather maybe they've stored up enough fat for a long flight.  I don't know.  I'm pretty ignorant about what's happening.

 A friend stated that he thought that sparrows and doves stayed around for the winter and did not migrate long distances.  So, what's happened to them?  Have they gone to some nearby field where they are eating fresh seeds, worms, or whatever, leaving my commercial feed for later? 

I'm missing the birds that were daily visitors...


  1. They have all shown up here, in the last two weeks the birds have finally come back to roost.

    Send more birdseed.


  2. Maybe some will show up in the winter when they are hungry? (The ones that stick out the winter, that is..)

  3. Well this happens here WHEN a hawk is in the area and kills a sparrow. It affects the whole of life and all. THEY will be hungrier than ever when they come back