Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweater-shawl update

Although it's been slow...I have been making progress on the sweater-shawl that was commissioned by a friend.  And since fall is fast approaching, I'm wanting to get it finished for her.  Now that I'm on the "sleeves" portion, it is going faster.  Not having to move so many stitches on the needle has made it easier.  That cotton yarn just has no give!  But, I think it's going to be a nice garment.


  1. It is a pretty shade of blue.

    Since it is cotton, do you think it will hold its shape as it is used?

  2. I LOVE the blue color you've chosen. What a lovely gift. I adore wearing cotton, but knitting with it is tough. Very hard on my joints.

  3. Lucky friend! What pretty shad of blue!