Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A toe to go...

I have only one toe to knit before I have a new pair of socks to wear! 

Then...I will start a new project...or perhaps...two!  One will be another pair of beaded wristlets in pink.  Nancy S. helped me find the soft color of pink I was looking for, and I ordered it from Loopy Ewe.  I also order a light peach color, wondering if I would like that for another lacy fingerless glove pattern I want to try.  Oh, and the blue...well, that's another yarn that has been waiting patiently to be cast on the needles to become a lacy scarf.  It sneaked into the maybe it's losing its patience!


  1. It has been fun watching the progress of the socks through the summer as you knit at the Community Concerts in the park.

    Love the pink and peach yarn!

  2. I would love to knit with that soft pink color. I have to find some more solids while I m on my gansey kick. Never thought I'd be so into solids!

  3. Those are some seriously lovely socks! Love the colors!!!
    Guess I should learn to knit, in something other than a straight line.
    Right now, all I can make is a scarf.

  4. Beautiful socks.

    Looks like your needles will be busily clicking away.

  5. Nice socks. I love that sock yarn; what is it? (The others are nice also.)

  6. The longer I think of winter, the longer I think I need to start knitting a pair of keep em warms...

    Those look cosy.