Saturday, January 3, 2015

Bunny in the Snow

The Bunny who has adopted me and is living under the boardwalk which is close to the grass, is finding his living quarters quite satisfactory. 

He's finding nice little spots of sunshine in which to bask as he preens himself and takes a nap. 

But then when it's feeding time, I'm observing that he's digging down through the snow and nibbling away at the lush (as lush as it gets around here!) grass below.  As Nancy S. pointed out to me, that's the part that I don't appreciate - as they eat the grass right down to nothing... and I have big ol' bald spots in the yard in the spring. 

Oh well... whatcha gonna do?  He's so darned cute.  And a bunny's got to eat.  And I'll just work at filling in the bald spots through the summer.


  1. Yes, he is a cute one, and I think he knows it. ;o)

  2. He's a chubby little bunny!

  3. He's practicing for summer snacking?