Thursday, January 29, 2015

February Beret

I finished it in about a week!  The February Beret (from Ravelry) is off the needles and ready to wear.  Of course, right now the snow is melting...hmmm...could have used the hat in January!

Something new for me was to start with an i-cord and then attach the ends to make a circle.  Next, pick up stitches and increase a few before starting the Gull Lace pattern. 

Have you ever tried taking a selfie of the back of your head?  No?  It's a hoot.   Took me half-a-dozen tries to get something half-way recognizable. 

Now I must put time into the lacy's going to be beautiful...but it's going to be slow going...

Something else new will have to go on the needles.  I've got a couple of projects on my list, but haven't made up my mind . . .


  1. Very cute, and a great color on you! Thanks for the link to the pattern. Have you already started the shawl?

  2. Great finish! Are you going to block it on a dinner plate so the lace will open up?

    I can only imagine how you got the photo.

  3. It's a beautiful color, but I would have liked front and side views, too. ;-)

  4. You must be double jointed to get that great photo of the back of your head. Nice shot. Charming hat. Love the pattern and the color.