Monday, January 26, 2015

Ready to wave good-bye to January


J - Junipers maintain a hint of dark green in winter's landscape.  A couple of old juniper bushes are looking too orange.  They might be sunburned, but could be giving up for lack of deep watering; will find out come spring.  I'm happy they thrive out here midst the  drab-colored, winter sagebrush that covers my acreage. 

A -Appointments - the calendar has been full of lessons, classes, meetings, coffee/lunch with friends, and I am thankful.  It's just what I need in mid-winter.

N - Neighbors are watching out for me.  One of my dear neighbors, a great friend, has plowed my driveway twice already, and despite the few hours of warmer temps in recent days, the piles of snow and the hard-packed drifts are still intact, making turning around in the driveway and hauling firewood a bit difficult.  But my neighbor looks out for me and makes sure I can continue daily tasks.  Another of my neighbors got my truck out of deep, icy snow pack right in my own yard.  Yeah, I thought I could plow right through it in 4-wheel drive, and normally it would be no problem.  This time...not so much.  The snow/ice conditions were just right, and there was NO TRACTION to be had. Bless the neighbors.

U -Undefeated?  Are you following the teams into the Super Bowl?  My team, the Broncos, ... sadly... did not make it past the divisional playoffs.  On the flip-side, I have been totally entertained by watching the Seahawks' last two games. What a team...along with their 12th man!   And that's who I'm rooting for next weekend. 

A - Activity in the arts has been plenteous.  I LOVE the ARTS.  Giving piano, guitar, voice, wet-felting, needle-felting, and knitting lessons has been rich activity for me and others through the month.  Concerts and theater productions are coming up soon! 

R - Rehearsals for the orchestra for "The King and I" have begun.  I missed the first rehearsal, but I have a score and will get more direction next week, prior to the 2nd rehearsal.  I will probably be playing two different parts on the keyboard, possibly cello and a horn part.  Looking at the parts for the harp... yikes...It's a key instrument in this show.   But we have an accomplished harpist, so am looking forward to hearing her play.

Y - Yarn from the stash is getting a good review.  I would like to use up more of it before I'm tempted to purchase new, luscious, beautifully dyed, alluring fibers.  Presently, I have picked up yarn left over from a shawl I made a couple years ago, and I'm hoping there is enough yardage to complete the slouchy beret I've started.  So far, it looks like I'll have enough; plan B is to finish the top of the beret in some left-over scraps of a creamy-colored yarn.  The pattern is February Beret - a free pattern on Ravelry.  I saw one that a teen-aged girl (at my felting class) had made, and it was one of those "I've got to make that hat" moments.  This pattern starts with an i-cord, and then you pick up stitches for the rest of the hat; this is something new for me.

So long, January...rather happy to see you move on...


  1. May February be filled with all the activities and adventures that you enjoy.

  2. Im ready too....
    I loved your Letters POST.
    I'll do a few:
    J: looks like a fishing hook. I want to go fishing
    A: My kids were pretty much A students and I didnt brag then but i do now!
    N: Nancy Kay I love your blog

  3. The cast on for that beret is certainly interesting! The color is gorgeous.

    Isn't it good to have reliable neighbors. We did in our old neighborhood. There really ISN'T a sense of community where we are. We know all our neighbors by name, and we wave as we pass, but there is only one household that we really feel we could go to in an emergency. There youngest son is keeps his eye on our place when we travel. They are a really wonderful family.

  4. Amazing that you can play 2 parts at once! That must take a lot of concentration! Our choir is practicing the Messiah; it's hard! Glad you have good neighbors, especially in your harsh winters. Love that new beret and its great color. Have a good day!