Thursday, January 15, 2015

Then one foggy winter's day...

Oh my goodness, the heavy fog has set in again!!  The hoar frost looks cool on the trees, the wreath, and lawn ornaments. However, I'm happy to be inside (with a warm latte) looking out over the computer screen as I compose today's post.

Today might me the day to close in on finishing the Lizard Scarf.  I have one last section to complete.  Yahoo!  I can see the light at the end of the foggy tunnel.

My thermometer says 12 degrees.  Brrrr.  Although I'm thankful it's not below zero.  


  1. I predict you WILL finish the scarf today - knit on.

  2. Lizard is BEAUTIFUL!

    It is cold and drizzling here today. It LOOKS very wintery. I'm not sure what the outside temp. is, but I've heard the heater pop on a few times. It's set at 68. I'm guessing the temp. has gone down since lunchtime.

  3. Lizard is amazing!!!! I love it through the sunlit window.
    Fireman and I actually walked about a mile outside this afternoon. In the streets not on the slippery sidewalk. IT was good to be out

  4. The scarf looks beautiful; lovely to be able to stay inside and knit!

  5. Love that lizard! It's been really foggy here this week also but no black ice, thankfully. Stay warm and knit on!