Thursday, January 1, 2015

Frame it!

I printed a picture which I took of a 19th century covered bridge in Vermont.  I also got a double mat and non-reflective glass cut for it.  I asked my handy, dandy neighbor if he would build a frame for the photo; he was willing to have some fun with the project.  He's got all the tools, and I'm more than happy to collaborate on creative decisions and help hold the boards, tape measure, . . .  or whatever.  Plus, we give each other a bad time through the whole process...accompanied by some good chuckles.

We got some cedar wood (actually donated to us - 'cause the guy just wanted it out of his garage!) and some instructions on how to distress the wood by burning it and brushing it with a wire brush before applying a stained finish.  It was an educational process for me!  Once the frame was together ( measure twice, cut once!) and nicely distressed (loved that smell of burning cedar) , I got the staining completed, having chosen the perfect color (you never know how that's going to turn out!).  But, I was amazed . . . it WAS perfect. 

My neighbor helped me get all the layers into the frame, and we cut a cardboard backing to finish it off.  It all came together wonderfully...and is now hanging on the wall. I enjoy having this kind of project...and really love the custom framing!!


  1. Beautifully done and, of course, a job done with friends is always much more fun.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love covered bridges. I LOVE your finish!!! Great cooperation with your NEIGHBOR

  3. Looks terrific, Nancy! Aren't covered bridges great?