Monday, January 5, 2015

Looking puzzled?

I suppose this has started to become a family tradition: put a puzzle together over Christmas vacation.  We've done this on and off for probably more than a decade.  This puzzle was only 500 pieces (thank goodness) and took about 3 days, with concentrated work only taking place after dinner, or early in the morning as one or more of us would pass by the table and stay just long enough to place "just a couple more pieces."  The snow at the bottom was...  well, you know.  And the dark blue sky at the top was the same.  But what a great feeling to see it completed!

Would you like to skate on the rink at Rockefeller Center in NYC?  Or have you done it?


  1. what a beauty of a puzzle picture!!!

  2. My family enjoys "puzzling" over the holidays, too,many this year did not disappoint.

  3. Fun puzzle! Haven't ice skated since leaving the Midwest a long time ago. We had a couple of photos made into puzzles for Christmas gifts.