Friday, January 16, 2015

Drumming up some excitement

The kids at my old high school now have the opportunity to join a drumline!  Chad R. has started the group, and they are adding excitement to the basketball games and other events.  It is so great to hear them learning various cadences, and for just getting started, they sound VERY GOOD. 

One of my friends said, "I wish he'd start an adult group," and I have to agree.  Wouldn't that be FUN???

I took this photo from across the gym...but next time I'll get a decent close-up.


  1. Nothing like music and drums to get the crowd's energy pumping at a sporting event!

  2. Oh that sounds fantastic. I need to see DRUMLINE the movie

  3. My son was on the drumline in high school. He LOVED it. Since then I've really enjoyed watching percussion groups.

    The Jacksonville Jaguars have a group called the D-Line. They are awesome. I find myself "walking" to the cadence. LOL

  4. How fun! I've heard that drumming is good exercise.