Monday, April 8, 2013

Accordian Scarf

I have this absolutely beautiful lace weight yarn in deep purple.  It was supposed to be made up into a shawl, but I wasn't motivated to launch into that project.  So, I waited.  And when I was introduced to the Accordion Scarf pattern by one of my dear knitting friends, I knew this would be a project I would finish! 

So far, I have knit a little more than half of the bottom border.  It needs 11 "teeth," and then I can pick up stitches to begin the length of the scarf. 

The yarn came with matching beads, and I'm planning to incorporated the beads in this pattern too, but haven't worked out the details of their placement yet. 


  1. This is going to be a gorgeous scarf. I love the deep purple color.

  2. Beautiful! That is a very interesting pattern and I just LOVE that color purple.

  3. Very pretty! Looks like a pattern to make you concentrate?