Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another day of cold temps

Wow, winter is really having a tough time letting go this year.  Yesterday felt like spring; today, not so much!  We have snow, again, in the forecast!  REALLY???  For that reason I'm glad that my aspens have not leafed out yet, only to get bitten by freezing temps!

Here's a another little sign that flowers (phlox) are eventually going arrive on the scene in my yard.  It's nearly time to rake up all the protective debris around this plant...but I guess I'll wait till this cold front passes.

I attempted to take a photo this morning...and my smart camera says I need to replace the battery pack.  What?  I thought all I had to do was recharge it, and it was good forever.  Hmm.  Well, that's the way they make things these days; they're not built to last.  So, no new photos till this issue is resolved...


  1. I'm not happy about the forecast of more snow tonight and tomorrow. ENOUGH, already!

    I replaced the battery on my camera about two years ago because it would not hold a charge. I haven't had any problem with it since.

  2. Wow! You're expecting snow and here it feels like summer already. We had tremendous thunder storms last night. I though we had skipped right to August.

  3. Yikes! It's been a crazy "spring"! We're still running our furnace too. No snow, just lots of chilly rain.

  4. What kind of camera is this that requires a new battery pack?

    Well I never...and ive had many cameras