Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Accordion Scarf, p.3

Here's an update on the progress of the Accordion Scarf.  I've completed several repeats, and I have about 20 more to go. This scarf, after blocking, is supposed to be about 60 inches long.  So, there's a lot of knitting ahead on little needles!  The beads are working out OK, and I'm getting faster and less awkward at getting those beads threaded on, using my big ol' fingers. Ha. 

I thought the beads would be more visible in this close-up.


  1. I can see them. They look GREAT! That is such a pretty color.

  2. Can hardly wait to see it on you!
    It is looking beautiful.

  3. So pretty! I didn't realize there was a pattern on this part also. More concentrating!

  4. Your photos captured the color very well. It was a treat to see this in person - it's gorgeous!