Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Growing Catkins

With the warm Wyoming temps lately, the aspen catkins have been growing, and the fuzzy little "kitten tails" are hanging so delicately on the branches.

I'm wondering if the leaves will pop mid-April, like last year.  It's possible.  The aspens are always the first ones to leaf out, taking a chance that freezing temps are behind them.  On the other hand, the cottonwood trees patiently wait until they are pretty sure the weather is going to stay warm.  They seem to know that Wyoming springs can vacillate between spring and winter temps until we're into mid-May.

The cottonwood buds are just beginning to swell.


  1. If yesterday and today's snow is any indication, I'd say Spring is still a few weeks away, but all the moisture in this snow is very welcome.

  2. I love aspens, especially in the fall when they turn golden against the green of the pines. Cottonwood, not so much!

  3. Surely spring must be on its way. :-)