Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Eggs

This may be a little late to be posting egg pictures.  But I tried something new and have to report the findings!  I tried boiling eggs with onion skins in the water to color them.  Apparently this has been  a very common practice in Russia for many years.  Perhaps it is popular in many other countries?  Anyway, it works beautifully, and I rather like the color/effect.   Using natural materials for coloring/dying is very appealing to me.


  1. Many years ago I did a chemistry project using natural dyes, and onion skins worked great! Looks like they still do. Did you try anything else like beets?

  2. Me too. That color is beautiful.

    I understand mustard seed does a beautiful color too.

  3. Wow! What a neat idea! Thy are lovely. Your picture is very pretty, too. Happy belated Easter!

  4. Your arrangement is beautiful! I colored eggs with tea once and loved how they turned out.
    Rebel Follower