Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm getting impatient...

Looking out the window yesterday morning, my gaze was glazed over with this:

Yes, we need the moisture!  I'm thankful. But spring has been teasing us for a month.  A day here.  A day there.  I'm trying to enjoy each day's gift, but I have to admit, I am hoping this is the last snow of the season!

So, what it all comes down to is that spring in Wyoming is unreliable.  Every day...a mystery. Sunday: 50 degrees and sun.   Monday: 30 degrees and snow.  And it will probably continue in this strain until... suddenly it's summer.  

Thank you, African Violet, for giving me weeks of beautiful anticipation as you slowly open your blooms and brighten my gaze.  Thank you for whispering, "Patience, patience..."


  1. Your African Violet is PERFECT. WHen I grew them, they had water marks on the leaves and the like.
    How lovely to focus on something that is blooming while you wait for the outdoors.
    we have chilly rain for the next few days.....

    happy Tuesday

  2. Spring is like a teenager - rebellious and carefree.

  3. Brrr! I can see why you're impatient. Aren't African violets great? Mine are resting, not blooming. Maybe because it hasn't seemed like spring here either?

  4. I can so relate. I have a Black Eyed Susan vine on the kitchen table just waiting for spring.

  5. What a gorgeous color!