Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Apples in the crock pot...

First, thanks to the gals who got poetic and finished yesterday's poem!   I got some good giggles.

A couple weeks ago I split a 40 lb. box of apples with a friend.  It seemed like a really good idea at the time.  So, I've been eating apples ... you know, "an apple a day..." and all that.  BUT, I still have a lot left and I don't want them to rot before I get to them.  Obviously, I have to make something that uses up quite a few apples at a whack.  Apple crisp is one of my favorites, and it's in the queue, but decided to try something new: Baked apples.  Yeah, all you gals have probably made them countless times.  But I haven't.  My mom didn't even make them, so I'm really green at this.

I was given a recipe for baked apples in a crock pot!  I'm giving it a try! They'll be in the pot on "high" for about 3 hours.  Might have to make an extra trip into town for vanilla ice cream.... hmmm.


  1. Looks yummy to me! What about applesauce? You can freeze it, too.

  2. By keeping the apples cool, they will last longer.

  3. I'll bet it smells really good at your house right now!

  4. They look reallllly good. How were they?


  5. What did you put in with them? My sister got me a crock pot and I need to break it in and I was just given a bunch of apples!