Monday, April 15, 2013

Finish the poem...

Since April is National Poetry Month, how about having a little poetry fun? 

Here's the start of a poem...add a line for the finish... 
Feel free to modify line three to your liking.

There once was a gal we've all seen
Who started knitting as a teen.
Her collection of needles and skeins of yarn,
 . . . 



  1. Here's my attempt. . ."Could easily fill a a two-story barn."

  2. She knit sweaters and socks and even a hat
    She knit and knit and knit til she was crazy as a bat!

  3. Soon grew to amounts that were obscene.

  4. " Made her husband say darn and double darn."
    Rebel Follower

  5. The amount of which is quite obscene! (And I thought of that before reading Paula's comment, LOL.) It's true though, there is yarn everywhere.........