Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grab your gloves and boots...

Most of the snow has melted, and there's an outdoor task just waiting.  Here sits a stack of wood...maybe 4 cords, but it needs to be split.  A good friend, a handy-guy, is coming over to help me use a log-splitter to split it all up; then I'll be set for next season.   As you're reading this...I may be out throwing and splitting wood.  I think the stacking will be left to me for another day...or other days (more accurately).  I'll be catching up on blogging later...  and knitting...much later.

Oh, and the weather is supposed to be "spring-like."  Yea!  Maybe reach 60 degrees!  Take a look at these aspen catkins; they are nearly ready to drop. Yea, sunshine and blue skies! 


  1. You'll definitely get a good workout today!

  2. I wonder how many calories you get from that WOOD workout?????
    I bet lots! Use good body mechanics! HOpe the sun keeps shining.
    IT is in and out for us today in Chicago

  3. Well, THAT will certainly make a good workout!

    Happy splitting!