Friday, April 26, 2013

Splittin' wood

Thank goodness I was able to borrow a wood-splitter from another good friend, which made the job for Mike and me so much easier.  Nevertheless, we spent 4 1/2 hours yesterday splitting.  Mike guessed we had close to 6 cords.  We didn't waste any time...and worked like a well-oiled machine!  I ran the lever on the splitter, and Mike did all the heavy work (putting the logs on the splitter, turning them, and throwing them), so he got most of the exercise!

 My exercise is ahead of me...stacking it all.  I'm quite sure I'll do it in installments...not 4 hours at a whack!! 

We saved some big pieces to serve as "ends" to hold the stack in place.  I'll be placing all of those real soon and start stacking. 

I have a bunny that had been hanging out under the wood pile, so I'm sure he's wondering about the renovation of his home.  "Don't worry, buddy, it will be an updated look!  You'll be able to move back soon."